Everyone has New Year’s Resolutions and I’m no different. One trick I learned is to write out your goals as if you’ve already accomplished them. That helps with owning the actions and steps it takes to achieve them. Another thing I learned to know what goals to pursue is whatever scares me the most is likeliest to be the most nurturing for my soul.

So, here is the short list of my goals for 2014:

I earn $4000+ per month
$1200+ of that is outside my current jobs
I no longer work at Starbucks
I work as a studio drummer and percussionist
I play gigs that honor myself and my wife
I write a blog post every day
I create and post 1 new podcast episode per month
I have a full teaching schedule with great students
I have 5 or more coaching clients participating in an 8 week bootcamp
I give a talk about making music your business
I am invited to do clinics, workshops, festivals and events where I either perform or speak

Why do I want these goals? I have always wanted to realize my dream of being a professional musician. I know that I have the skills. I also know that I get in my own way. I’ve used other people, consequences, self-limiting beliefs as excuses not to go after my dreams. So, no more. I still want to honor my wife and my family, tho. This is how I can do both.

Playing music and helping other people grow are my biggest areas of purpose. I don’t have to play in bars to play music. And, I don’t have to be a starving artist either. My pursuit in honoring my music while honoring my family and helping others do the same is the start of my life fully realized. It will also open new opportunities I never thought of.

This all came from reading The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. Actully, this came from years of study and many sources but the result is the same: I will live my life more fully! Resistance is my enemy and I do battle with it daily. Future posts will contain my struggles and victories over resistance on my path to a better life.