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006 RMP: Maylee Thomas – Musicians: How to Give More of Yourself and Win

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 6 of the Rip’s Music Podcast where we make your music your business. In today’s show we talk about giving more to your art.

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Are you playing like it’s your last gig?

Do you use your gifts daily to make the world better, even if not directly related to music?

And are you giving all of yourself to others and your art?

Gospel singer, Maylee Thomas, talks about her 25 year music career, starting the Love Life Foundation, and how she and her husband built the Guitar Sanctuary to immerse themselves in their passions and make music their business.

Watch the Video:

Maylee Thomas

In this interview:

  • Find work to sustain your music and your life
  • Always have a product
  • Don’t forget the EPK (electronic press kit)
  • Keep your name in front of your audience


  • Offer quality – always
  • Turn a personal tragedy into energy for change
  • Be bigger than yourself and serve others


  • Don’t be afraid
  • Refuse to allow people to intimidate you
  • You don’t need anyones’s permission to do something great

Click here to visit Maylee Thomas’ website or the Maylee Thomas Band on FaceBook.
Click here to to find out more and about the Love Life Foundation.

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Stay True to Your Music & Your Family – RMP 003 Jerry Rizzi

Could teaching others help you learn more?

Is your belief system strong enough to keep you in the game?

And, are you being smart about your current situation?

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My guest is Jerry Rizzi, an active composer, teacher and performer.  He has studied under some of the best artists from a variety of genres, including: famed bassist, Jimmy Garrison of the John Coltrane quartet; and classical cellist, Seymore Benstock.

Jerry has worked with legendary jazz guitarist, Joe Monk, and is active in both New York and Texas music scenes. He maintains an extensive private music teaching, recording and performing schedule.

His new album, Driftwood, can be found on iTunes and his website –

In today’s show, Jerry talks about:

  • Using routines to keep up with chops and non-musical tasks.
  • Matching the funds with the creativity.
  • Money from other sources doesn’t have to take away from the art.
  • Being committed and staying true to yourself.
  • and, Recalling the impact you have on others.

Today’s show now has VIDEO!


Watch and listen as Jerry Rizzi shares his life as a busy musician and single dad.

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