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Podcast 013 – How to Keep Better Records and Save Money!

Season 2, Episode 1. How to Keep Better Records to Save Money! What expenses should you track to keep your music career safe come tax season. Welcome everybody to a new episode of the Rip’s Music Business Podcast: Where we Make Your Music Your Business. This marks episode 13 and […]

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The Road to Turning Pro

The Pro Musician Game: My Daring Journey

At some point we all ask, “How do I turn what I love into my career?” That’s when we discover what risks we’re willing to take.   I’ve been playing drums for over 27 years. For a long time I knew I wanted to turn pro. I didn’t have too many […]

I remember when I was younger I imagined that the geniuses of the world would provide us the ability to create anything we imagined without barriers. I thought how cool it would be to have a device that had all the things most important to you. And, how liberating it would be not to go through so many political and bureaucratic red tape to get things done.

Well, we’re here! The smartphone, the Internet, GarageBand, Kickstarter, Google. Anything you could imagine you’d need to start anything is within reach.

So, why are we not reaching?

I’m scared as hell!

Not, that I’d fail. I realize that now. But, that I will succeed. And, people will expect those same results from me.

Well, this shall be the year of succeeding. Even when I fail it will be a success. Because, that meant I took action.

Here’s a blog post from Seth Godin that is perfect  http://www.typepad.com/services/trackback/6a00d83451b31569e2019104fc1e82970c


It’s been a challenge today. My wife is sick and we were supposed to go to a New Year’s Eve concert at the Sanctuary in McKinney. Instead, I’m taking care of my bride. And, I feel grateful for having someone so wonderful to care for.

However, I can’t use that as an excuse not to honor my personal commitments. Just as I tell my students – “life gets busy. But, you have to do the work.” So, I’m doing my bare minimum, today. I practiced stick control for 10 minutes and I wrote this blog post.

What is one thing you can do to honor your commitments, even with no time?