About Rip

casual RipRip Phelan is a drummer, educator, music coach and host of   Rip’s Music Podcast: Making Your Music Your Business.

Rip has been studying and performing music for over 25 years. Primarily a drummer, he has also studied music theory, piano and now learning bass guitar. Rip has also performed with groups in rock, jazz, funk, pop, punk, hip-hop, country, Afro-Caribbean and Brazilian styles.

This variety of music has allowed Rip to play many different venues and events. The most notable of which are:

The Montreaux Jazz Festival in Switzerland for the Collin County Lab Band –
Nokia Theater, Hard Rock Cafe, and House of Blues and several premier rock clubs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for local band Darby.

Rip has also been in the studio with Kimberly Carver, Darby, Chris Rodriguez, and Travis Webb.

Currently, Rip is the lead percussion instructor at the Frisco School of Music – the largest music school in the city. He now has over 30 private students and 3 percussion labs and adding more every week.

Rip also performs weekly at Henry’s Majestic with his band: Rip & the Taylors. He recruits top DFW area musicians to perform a wide variety of music from rock/pop, jazz/funk, reggae and more with an improvisational approach.

You can watch performances from Henry’s Majestic on his YouTube Channel 

Rip’s new project is the Rip’s Music Podcast. A show dedicated to helping other musicians and artists overcome the obstacles to becoming a professional, as the tagline implies, “making your music your business

Every episode is an interview with a musician or artist who supports themselves primarily through their art. They discuss different income streams available to them, how to network, organize time, manage money, practice better and many other tactics and strategies that are useful for anyone in the arts community.

In school, there is a lot of focus on learning the instrument, theory or different styles of music but, hardly any education on how to make money and support yourself. The phrase “starving artist” is all too common. It is time to change that mindset.

The purpose of the Rip’s Music Podcast, this website, and Rip Phelan’s personal mission is to share knowledge that will positively impact anyone choosing to be a professional musician/artist and shift the social mindset of musician as being a viable and lucrative career choice.