011 RMP Stockton Helbing part 2: Drummer, Educator, Composer


Stockton_Helbing_DMA_promo_2_thumbWelcome back to another episode of Rip’s Music Podcast. Today is part 2 of my talk with drummer, Stockton Helbing. Not only is he a drummer, but also a composer, arranger, producer, band leader, educator, music director, author, and entrepreneur.

Stockton maintains a busy schedule of performing, recording, and teaching around North America. He is a frequent guest artist at colleges and high schools due to his hefty resume of past performances. Most recently Stockton can be heard on tour playing drums for American music icon and trumpet player extraordinaire Doc Severinsen.

In part 1 of our talk, Stockton shared his ideas on the value of serving the music and the artist’s vision. He also went into detail about his practice strategies, goal setting, and building accountability.

Today, Stockton and I dive further into these areas as well as money management, professional etiquette, and work-life balance.

So, sit back, relax, and let’s start the show!