009 RMP: Jamie Ringholm – In Demand Keyboardist


Jamie Pic



Have you ever asked someone, “How do I get a gig” and was disappointed with their answer?

Are you missing opportunities by being too narrow in the styles of music you play and listen to?

And how can embracing discomfort ultimately be the best thing for you?



     Today, I interview keyboardist, Jamie Ringholm. Listen as he shares his journey from flipping burgers to reaching #25 on the Texas Country Music charts and becoming one of Dallas’ most in-demand musicians.  

In this interview:

– How to fit yourself into as many mediums as possible.

– Building a network and using it to build your career.

– Embracing the suck. Being comfortable with incremental improvements.

– Letting go of the ‘finish-line’ mentality.

– The benefits of having merch and your own sound system.

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